Sugar in its purest form.

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SMT Jaggery Sugar is made with utmose care, from handsourced sugarcanes, using sulphur free manufacturing process. Our jaggery is the safest choice for your family.

Mrs. Rajeswari

Housewife, TN, India

After having tried a lot of jaggery powder, tried SMT brand jaggery powder through a friend's recommendation and it is the best decision I have made for my family. The sweetness is right at spot, and they even provided me with a non-whitened, dark variety.

A Brand's CEO


SMT Jaggery powder has been providing us the whitelabelled product for the past 5 years for our sales here and our consumers here are more than happy with the product. The sales has been on the increasing trend from day one and that shows the product's satisfaction


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We will be honest

Your Organic Jaggery is
not a 100% Organic

We stand true to our business and to our consumers

SMT Jaggery is made from handsourced sugarcanes, using sulphur free manufacturing process. But still through the agricultural process of growing and harvesting sugarcane, chemicals are involved. And, that's why we avoid using the word 'Organic'

Fret not if you are looking for 100% organic. We have the team, resources and knowledge in making a Jaggery Sugar that we proudly say is a 100& organic product. Send us an enquiry in the below form and we will just get you the same.